Things to Consider When Looking for an Online Insurance Wholesaler


Being an insurance broker is a difficult role.  On the one hand you have to generate as many customers as possible and provide them with good quality cover at the best possible price.  On the other hand you need to build good relationships with an array of insurance companies and provide them with enough business to keep them happy.  In the process you should, hopefully, earn enough commission to keep yourself happy!

There are a variety of methods to assist you in locating customers and even insurance companies.  Sometimes the best option is to utilize the services of another go between; the insurance wholesaler.  This is a firm which has already established links with a range of insurance companies and can provide you with the connections you need to successfully run your business.   Superior Access Insurance Services, Inc is one online insurance wholesaler which is worth looking at to get you and your customers the best possible deal every time.


It is important to consider a variety of features before you commit to using the services of any online insurance wholesaler.  The following are all worth considering:


One of the most important things when considering any business you may wish to work with is what kind of reputation do they have?  The better their reputation the better it will reflect on you and your business.  It is easy to assess the reputation of any online insurance wholesaler.  Start by checking with anyone you know in the same industry; they may have already heard of them and know something about them.  You should then check the internet for review sites and even on social media sites.  You may be surprised at how much information is available.  It is worth remembering that many people are much quicker to complain than praise.  This means every business will have some complaints; providing the majority is positive this should be good enough.


The better businesses will be those which have been established for a period of time; preferably several years.  This is because a business which has been in existence for several years will have had the time to build relationships with a good range of insurance companies.  If they are new to the industry the number of insurance firms they will deal with is probably extremely limited.

Product Range

It is worth looking at the range of insurance policies offered by the online insurance wholesaler.  They should be able to offer a good array of personal policies; including home, car and other vehicles as well as business insurance which covers general liability, property and even workers’ compensation.  The greater access you have the more services you can offer to clients and the bigger your customer base can potentially be.

Customer Support

Finally it is worth looking at the customer service the wholesaler offers.  This can easily be tested by ringing them up a couple of times to ask a question and gauging the response you get in terms of knowledge and manners.  This is important as you will need to resolve any query for your clients quickly.


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