Pet Insurance from Puppy to Senior Dog Is Affordable


Pet insurance is a popular insurance option for cat and dog lovers everywhere. When a pet is loved like family, taking care of veterinarian bills from unexpected crises can be very expensive. I mean, who knew that a dog would eat a sharp stone and cut her throat on the inside, and then get it stuck in the roof of her mouth? Those kind of vet bills can be tremendously expensive for the pet Mom and Dad.

Pet insurance can be written by your insurance provider, and can include several options. If you have a championship sire worth $15,000, you could be interested in life insurance for your pup. If your fur-baby is just a Heinz 57 variety, your need may be for lifetime care insurance. Consult and expert insurance representative like the Bolt Insurance Agency to discuss your best protection for your pet.

What does pet insurance cover?

When pet insurance is purchased in the first years of its lifetime, coverage extends to include accidents, chronic conditions like diabetes and allergies, hereditary issues like hip dysplasia, congenital issues such as slipping knees, and sudden illnesses. Of course, there is a restriction on pre-existing conditions so it is best to purchase the insurance when you receive the puppy or kitten into your home.

Other situations that are covered include cancer treatments, x-rays, ultrasounds, lab tests, hospitalizations, and emergency care.

How does pet insurance work?

Policies vary, but most allow you to choose any veterinarian you want; this includes emergency animal hospitals and specialists. After purchasing the pet policy, there is a waiting period before coverage begins and a few conditions have a longer wait time. Your insurance representative and your policy will cover any exceptions before coverage begins.

After your pet has been accepted, the insurance provider will need access to your pet’s medical records with the family veterinarian. Once they have eliminated the possibility of pre-existing conditions that may also have a wait period, coverage begins. It’s that easy!

How do I file a claim?

Filing a claim usually involves your receipt from your veterinarian’s office, and payment in the form of a reimbursement check. Claim processing is fast and convenient as many insurance companies have mobile apps for your phone.

What happens if my pet has a really expensive treatment needed, like chemotherapy?

If you have an unusually expensive treatment recommended, you may need pre-authorization for coverage. The insurance company will contact the veterinarian to discuss each case personally to assure the complete care of your pet is using the best treatments available. The policy will contain the information you need to file for approval for the treatment.

What coverage is excluded?

Pet insurance does not include the regular maintenance required to keep a pet healthy. Annual check-ups, vaccines, baths and grooming, neutering, spaying, heartworm and flea and tick medications (although prescription medications for illness are covered), teeth cleaning (but an extraction is covered), or de-worming. These costs are routine expenses that are paid for by the pet owner.


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