Milton Barbarosh – Choosing An Experienced Financial Consultant


The business world is precarious. Many times financial crises don’t announce themselves; sometimes such crisis may not come as a result of poor financial decisions. Businesses operate in an environment; the environment to a large extent determines businesses financial success or failure; if for example there is a downturn in the economic environment, businesses are worse hit as their revenue would begin to dwindle and their sales would begin to fall and these variables have ripple effect on a host of other variables. At this time, what it takes to stabilize the business and avert total collapse is skill and financial expertise; if the business would also ever recover from its financial slum, it will also require financial expertise. Too bad that some businesses at this time in a penny wise, pounds foolish move try to contain the situation all by themselves rather than hire the services of a financial management expert.

Employing the services of one would prove to be a cost saving and prudent decision in the long run as it could save you from losing all your investment and the business you strove so hard for years to build and place it on the path to recovery usually evident in the improvement in performance index like sales, gross profit, working capital and so on. A renowned financial consultant- Milton Barbarosh is surplus to requirement when your business is in distress. Let’s relay his resume for your quick assessment and review. Worked as an accountant in KPMG for years; was Executive Officer at ERA Carbon Offsets Ltd, was Chief Financial Officer at Alchemy Creative, Inc. (also known as Method Products Corp.) and J.W. Charles Capital Corp, was president of  The Royal Bank of Canada, Manager, Mergers and Acquisition Arthur Young (now Ernst & Young) and  Manager, Mergers and Acquisition Biometrics Security Technology Inc and has been the director of his company Stenton Leigh Group since inception almost three decades ago.

I don’t think you will have any question to ask about his experience and competence as you must have inferred that he has very extensive and long years of working experience in the financial world. You want to embark on an investment, you want to finance a business proposal for merging and acquisition, you need an expert to carry out valuation services or just need a consultant for your business to provide you financial advisory services then look no further than Milton Barbarosh. Talking of exceptional customer service, he’s got it; talk of result assurance he’s got it as his clients rate him high in reviews of firms that offer financial consulting services.


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