Importance of Stock screening


It is a known fact that investments in stock market are subject to market risks and you should be careful while putting in your hard earned money without having a clue would not be a good idea for such investments, because no one give a 100% guarantee of returns. But stock screening will give you the best possible options in hand for you to decide upon which would suit your investment tastes. Though the decision lies in your hands, but coming to a decision needs a lot of back up information, which is a lot and from such huge data selecting and giving you a picture where you could get some clarity in the case of investments. The importance of using a stock screener is very important in this competitive and volatile market where the stocks can be unpredictable.

  • To know when there are upswings and downturns in the market.
  • Assessing the market for trading as there is a large number of stocks which can’t be humanely dealt without the help of stock screeners.

Unlike human assessors, stock screening will not give biased opinions or options.

Profits can be made when you become clever at analysing the data and be able to convert it to your benefit, you may lose for the day or a period of time trying to figure out or not analyse outcomes but as you progress you will get the hang of it and stock screening make your life easier.

How to choose the best stock screening in the market

There are many stock screening in the market and it is your choice to come to conclusion on the choice you make. Which criterion fit your bill should be assessed when you choose the stock screening of your choice.

For a stock screener to be good it should give out the desired result as soon as you are done feeding in your metric or criterion you want.

TD ameritrade is one of the stocks screening which has powerful tools.

TAS has one of a kind market profile breakout trades tool which will really give perspective to the traders.

Finviz gives you a free stock screening for your trading purpose.

Option house will make you sign up with them to let you use their stock screening for free.

The free scanners available for the investors are yahoo! Finance, MSN money and Finviz as mentioned before. These have basic and advanced stock screeners.

Where all stock screening prove their worth

To select individual stock for investment, stock screening comes into play. Stock screening help to provide good up to date potential investment.

To know as much information to tap as possible to tap the market. The investors have to be on their toes to make super fast decisions based on the data provided, here the stock screening make their presence really felt.

The investors need not get into the intricacies of each and every industry that they invest into but sort themselves with trading in their investment and what drives the market.


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