The financial sector is moving in a context of economic and political uncertainty, with different curves of negative references and a risk regulated in the field, but what are the concerns and the challenges they face many financial institutions at a time when interest rates are low and the pressure of the assets on the account of results is imminent? Experts point out that a strategic plan for the next few years where banks take into account: the solvency, profitability, the benefit and the quality of the assets is something that no doubt will overcome every one of the spells that are coming.

The bank solvency is closely associated to the ability of an entity to perform financial intermediation activities and to address their obligations with regard to their obligations arising from its heritage. With this we are talking about the relationship of the liquidity of a bank with its liabilities, which means that the indicators of bank solvency and growth of bank credit will be directly linked, this equation practically provides that to the extent that the credits are expanded, the greater should be its capital requirement for financial institutions to meet their risk-weighted assets.

It is worth mentioning that our FNBNorcal bank account with one of the best reliabilities and that is why we are always supporting our customers in everything that they need, of course within the framework of the credit policies of our company. It is important to underline at this point, that the dynamics are supported with financial intermediation to allow it to rest on a private information, abundant and above all secret, where the handling of data are shared only with the user and the banking entities, whose access only to the regulatory body, where it is unacceptable violation of secrecy established in the tasting of the banking legislation and the regulations of each one of the countries.

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