Gold vs Silver – Which is the Wiser Investment?


Investing in precious metals has become very popular in recent years. Perhaps it’s because bricks and mortar no longer has the same investment potential. Maybe it’s because stocks and shares somehow seem a little boring. Whatever the reason, this article is to pass on some advice and useful information for those considering such an investment. Gold and silver are the two most popular, so we’ll talk about them.

Not the Easiest of Questions to Answer

It’s better not to give a definitive answer, because it will depend on when you’re reading this. The fact of the matter is that both gold and silver prices rise and fall. Which means there are times when silver is a better investment, and likewise, times when it will be gold. The best way to help anyone considering such a choice is to explain what charts to follow so you can decide for yourself.

Semi-Long Term Charts Provide a Better Picture

These charts give a general gauge of the value of gold and silver. Semi long-term charts usually provide prices over a couple of years. When comparing the prices of the two precious metals, you tend to find that gold has a higher price. This is because it is widely used and seen as more of an alternative currency. It is also in higher demand by investors and central banks. And as we all know, demand bumps up the prices. It’s all well and good looking at historical prices. The wise investor has to decide what is going to happen to prices in the future. In reality, no one can predict what is going to happen with complete certainty.

Both are Liquid Assets

Both gold and silver are viewed as a valuable commodity and can be easily purchased online from companies such as Indigo Precious Metals. If you’ve already bought some of either and would like to sell it there is no problem because it is accepted in a range of different places. An online retailer will be happy to buy it back or you can sell it to a jeweller, pawn shop, even on eBay.

Remember About the Mark Up

When buying gold or silver you want to do it at a price that is nearest to the spot market price. However, for an individual investor this is very difficult. The companies you will have to buy your gold or silver from will be making money on their buy/sell margins. This means a small amount is added to the price and this is their profit.


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