Financial Sales CRM: Put An End To Disarray In Business Processes


An array and consistency are the keys to success of any company. All business processes run smoothly, consistently and with minimal stress if they are automated. An intelligent business leader takes intelligent decisions like introduction of the sales force automation software to eliminate muddle in the sales management.

What are business processes and how can financial CRM manage them?

Financial sales CRM is a progressive software developed by bpm’online that is meant to automate sales and interactions with clients. In other words, this is an effective tool of an all-rounded automation of business processes. As CRM enhances efficacy and organization of an enterprise, it is highly appreciated by everyone involved in the business:  marketers, auditors, logistics experts and representatives of the top-management.

Financial sales CRM is able to satisfy any inquiry of any user – to deal with the matters of internal communications and management. Put it simply, this fine software can frame and automate all business processes. In fact, a business process is the universal pattern of communication, an algorithm, which is used by the employees to achieve their business objectives. This pattern must consider the following factors:

  • Time scheduling
  • The objectives assignment
  • The business key points monitoring
  • The employees informing
  • Reporting

Some may think that automation of business processes is for major companies with huge staff only, but it is not so. Everything is a process: harmonization of documents flow, transactions tracking and cooperation with a bank branch offices, customer service and accomplishment of a client’s request. Any company handles all these actions at certain intervals. Moreover, any business, whether it is a solid factory or a small startup, cannot avoid unexpected system errors or human factor, overstepping and bewilderment that can badly affect not only intercompany relationships but also can completely ruin customer relations. Luckily, through integrating groundbreaking CRM, every company becomes able to:

  • Create a single IT-infrastructure
  • Get all the business processes under control
  • Minimize the negative influence of a human factor over the workflow processes
  • Establish a cooperative environment between your sales marketing and service teams
  • Optimize a company expenses with the help of forward-thinking financial sales CRM.

What makes bpm’online financial sales CRM stand out?

Bpm’online sales is the most famous and prioritized CRM solution with embed technology of business process management (BPM). Tools for business processes formation and control are divided into 5 basic blocks:

Defining the structure of a business process.

Decomposition of a process into phases, determination of a process logic, description of incoming and outcoming documents in every phase, positioning of responsibilities, regulatory documents and specifications for each phase of a business process.

Evaluation of achievement rate.

A process is considered successfully fulfilled if a process target is achieved. To analyze attaining the goals, financial sales CRM uses different indexes like process time, the quality of claim letters, an average sum of a loan provided, the number of financial deals concluded for a certain period and so on.

Setting regulations of indexes monitoring for a responsible employee.

For example, monthly monitoring of the most profitable clients activity or estimation of annual credit exposure.

Financial processes revision.

Financial sales CRM makes it possible to correct any business process at its any stage.

A map of a business process.

Such a map allows to get a full visual presentation of an entire business process with efficiency indicators and responsible employees.

What is the use of Financial Sales CRM for your Bank?

First, CRM is the main tool of a financial sales representative.  This software is aimed to increase customers’ profitability and loyalty by offering a relevant financial product or service to a concrete group of clients, expand the number of bank products and services, and enlarge the customer base.

Cloud CRM for financial institutes delivers unique Performance Management by controlling the reps and how they follow the business processes. A head of clients’ relation department can track all the actions of any manager, analyze and improve sales processes of financial products. CRM software automatically plans and analyzes financial sales. Such a system allows getting a detailed information about the most significant events of bank clients in one click. By planning the sales of the coming periods, Financial sales CRM analyzes the number of perspective clients, buying probability and the stages of negotiations.

Evidently, smart financial sales CRM is a tool to prosper and stand out in the commercial world. Any bank, which strives to become global, considers integration of the finest cloud software to facilitate all the bank processes in a trouble-free manner.


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