Direct Payday Loans


When you need cash immediately for whatever emergency, your best bet is to head straight to the source so you can get it quickly and with the lowest fee possible. Transacting a short-term loan through a middleman often comes with add-on service and administration fees that you simply cannot afford to be deducted to your principal amount. Payday loans are generally set against your monthly salary, hence, it’s name, so it won’t be a huge amount. Still, having the cash on hand in advance via direct payday loans will help tide you over and address an immediate need.

What A Direct Lender Is

A direct lender is the source of the loan itself and is the one that is directly responsible for giving you the money you need. You don’t need to go through a third-party source or any middleman just to get a short-term loan. You will be dealing with only one entity, from the application process, to the approval, to its repayment, and maybe even a renewal. Unlike indirect lenders that take care of the assessment process before forwarding your details to the source of the funds, you only send your information to the source, thus reducing the number of channels where your private details are potentially exposed.

The Perks of Getting Your Payday Loan From a Direct Lender

One of the key reasons why loans that come directly from lenders are often preferred is that people want to deal with just one company from the beginning to the end. Not only does this simplify the process immensely, it also means that only one entity will have access to your private information. Considering the many cases of identity theft online, you can’t be too careful when it comes to giving out your details.

By sharing your information to many people (if you don’t go to direct lending agency), you also expose your details to salespeople and marketers. They might take advantage of the information they have and send you annoying emails, mail, or even call you to make other offers.

Transacting with online payday advance direct lenders also ensures that you get the lowest rates possible. This means that you do not have to bother with service or administration fees that third-party lending agencies typically tack on. It also reduces the waiting time for your approval or loan release. When you don’t go straight to a direct lender, it can take longer to find out your repayment terms and rate, thus wasting more time with no money on hand. That said, if you need money fast, you can count on a direct lender to provide you with quicker results so you can decide if you want to take out a loan or continue shopping for other potential sources of funds.


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