When you would like to take out the loan, you do not always have the option to put some money down for a deposit. You might be claiming some government benefits or you may have been turned down for a loan in the past.

You should not get discouraged. There are a number of things that you can do in order to secure the car loan that you need. You will be able to trade in cars in Auckland so that you will be able to write off your old car loan and acquire a brand new one.

It does not matter how old your car is because it can still be used to secure the amount of money that you need. Also, you can trade in the old car before the existing loan has been paid off.

What do you need to do during this process?

Find A Reputable Loan Provider

The first thing that you need to do is find a reputable provider who can offer to take your car in return for the loan.

Make sure that you compare several different providers before you make your final decision. Some providers are going to offer a better service than others.

Offer Your Car As A Trade In For The Loan

You can offer your car as the trade-in for a loan. This is going to mean that you do not need to put any cash down as a deposit.

This is extremely useful when are short of funds.

The Loan Company Will Write Off The Old Loan

The loan company is going to write off the old loan that you had on your car, and a new one can be started from scratch. This will help to preserve your finances when you are repaying the loan on a brand new car.

Weigh Up The Advantages Of Fixed Loans And Variable Loans

You can choose a fixed rate loan, where the rate of interest is going to be set. This is going to be beneficial for you over the whole period that you pay the new loan back.

You could also choose a variable loan for your new car purchase. The interest rate of this loan is going to fluctuate over time according to the markets.

Choose The Kind Of Loan That You Want

You can then select your loan and the money can be spent on the car that you would like.

Repay The Loan

You will repay the loan until it has been paid back to the company.

The amount that you pay back each month is going to be manageable in accordance with your personal finances.


You can trade in your car to acquire a loan for another car. The existing loan that you had is going to be written off completely and you can acquire a new loan without any difficulties at all.