An Ultimate Guide To Buying A Horsebox


Horsebox is of great use when you wanted to transport your horses for race or any show. This box makes the transportation of horses easy and simple. Having a good horsebox is essential if you have your own horses. Buying a horsebox is a kind of financial investment in itself. For buying horsebox, you can contact some good and trustworthy financial companies or dealerships to get finance for a horsebox. As purchasing a horsebox is a big investment so making the right decision is very important. Here is an ultimate guide to buying a horsebox that will help you through the all the aspects and process which you need to consider before investing on a horsebox.

Types of Horsebox

The first thing to consider before you start searching is to know your need. You need to think- what type of horsebox you are looking for? There are different options of horsebox available in the market to suit all the requirements. From small single horse accommodation to multiple horse accommodation, every type of horsebox is available with different features. Along with this, you can either buy a basic trailer or luxury motorhome for transportation of horses. But, it is highly recommended to first find your needs and then look out for the pros & cons of each type of horsebox.

Storage Concern

The next big thing to consider before buying a horsebox is its storage. For storage of these horseboxes, you will need easy-to-park in an area with excellent shelter. Thus, there is no point in investing a huge amount on horsebox if you have to park it on other’s land on weekly or monthly rent. If you are not a professional and buying the horsebox just for horse transportation then it is going to be parked for most of the times. So, before buying a horsebox, get a better place for its storage.

Cost of insurance

The insurance cost of boxes completely depends on their motorised and towed nature. Motorised features can also affect the cost of insurance. Thus, you are needed to look out for insurance companies that specialise in offering horsebox insurance which can cover the horsebox as well as all its contents. Also, look for the third party liability option.


Cost of the horsebox has always been a major concern. In this case, you need to consider finance options so as to get finance for a horsebox. There are many dealers who can offer you the best finance deal, you just need to search for them. From single horsebox to large trailers, you can get financing of horsebox of any size. Forgiving more comfort, finance companies offer finance calculator to get an instant quote.

Buying a horsebox, in terms of finance and time, is a long-term commitment and investment. Thus, you need to consider a few points when thinking of buying a horsebox. This ultimate and essential buying guide will take you through everything you need to contemplate before buying a horsebox. It also helps you know some basic information to get finance for a horsebox effectively.


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