All you Need to Know About Setting Up a Swiss Holding Company


If an entrepreneur thinks of the term “holding company”, Switzerland typically comes to mind, and for good reason, as this European economic tiger has very attractive taxation rates, and looks very favourably on holding companies in particular, providing their business activities are not conducted with Swiss companies. If you are considering moving into the investment market and are thinking about forming a holding company in Switzerland, here is an overview of the process.

Source a Local Expert

The process of Swiss company formation is quite complex, and before you actually make any applications, there is much to consider. There are online experts who can help you in many ways, and with their wealth of experience, you will receive the best advice. An online search would soon give you the contact details of such a company, and after you make contact, the process can begin.

Initial Meeting and Instruction

The first thing will be to determine the nature of your business, and after collating the relevant information, the company formation people can advise you on the best Canton in which to register the business. Once this has been agreed, you will need to fill in many forms, some of which must be translated into German, but this will all be handled for you.

Opening Bank Accounts

Once the forms have been completed and the necessary documents are in order, you will need to open several Swiss bank accounts and transfer the required capital, and this will be facilitated by your advisors, who are there to make things easy for the client.

The Notary Meeting

This would be arranged and you would have to attend, along with your local representative, who would ensure that the necessary steps have been taken and that the process is a smooth one. This is when everything is submitted and usually within two or three weeks the company registration is complete and the business can begin trading.

Post Registration

There are a number of things that must be done after the company registration and the local company acting on your behalf would facilitate this. Setting up an accounting mandate is necessary, as under Swiss law, all the company’s accounts must be kept in the country. Your new company will need letterhead and logo designs printed, and there is a full range of professional services that you might require, including web design and construction, office facilities and message taking services, and if you would like a virtual office setup, they can handle this also. You will need to organise how your mail is treated, and might want everything forwarded, or you might prefer to have a physical office in Switzerland, and with all these facilities available, you have the freedom and flexibility to create the perfect working environment.

If you enlist the help of an experienced company, setting up a holding company in Switzerland is not as daunting as it might seem, and with a range of essential services that are designed for the foreign investor, there is nothing you cannot achieve.


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