5 Ways to Supplement Your Income


The global job market may be showing signs of a slow and encouraging upswing, but many people who are employed are still feeling like they’re not earning enough money to feel as financially secure as they’d like.  While looking for a higher-paying job is always a possibility, it’s also a very difficult proposition.  Consequently, finding ways to supplement your income may help provide you with the financial cushioning you’re seeking.  Below are 5 ways in which you can practically supplement your income (or to help you earn money even if you don’t have a primary income at the moment).


Try Currency Trading Saving money is always nice, but what’s nicer is when your money works for you.  Investing in the currency markets, also known as the foreign exchange for Forex markets, can allow your money to multiply instead of just sitting in your savings account.  While many stock trading accounts require a high minimum investment and a significant cost per trade, Forex trading allows you to profit whether the market goes up or down, depending on your position, and to invest minimally but return maximal profits.  If this concept is new for you, Forex technical analysis, free Forex signals and even automated trade copiers can help you find suggestions of where the market may be moving so that you can profit.

Build a Website

You don’t need to have a product to sell in order to make money from a website.  There are some really successful blogs out there that generate revenue only from ads placed on the website, which can be generated easily by Google or other search engines, or even by marketing companies.  If you have a unique point of view or an idea base worth sharing, don’t be afraid to join the millions of people who have built websites and who have found tremendous potential for profit with minimal investment except for a time commitment.

Use Your Skills

There are literally dozens of websites that allow people to put a price tag on their talents.  You may not be able to find another full-time job, but you can surely find a part-time gig that will provide you with supplemental income in the hours when you’re not sitting at your desk.  Bid on projects like graphic design, article writing and data entry on sites like Elance.  Or, advertise your babysitting or house cleaning services in your area to earn a few bucks once you’re liberated from your daily job commitment.  It may not be the pay or the job of your dreams, but you’ll feel good knowing that you have a bit more spending money in your pocket.

Take Surveys

It may sound a bit scammy, but there are actually many legitimate companies that pay people to take surveys online.  The surveys have the potential to be not only interesting, but to also introduce you to new concepts or products.  Before committing time or personal information, make sure to find out how they’re going to pay you and that the company is legitimate so that you don’t waste your time.

Sell Things You Don’t Need

You may be surprised how many people want things that you no longer use.  Old cell phones, jewelry, technology, and even toys can fetch decent sums of money on eBay and can significantly pad your bank account while helping you clear out your house from clutter.  If you don’t want to deal with the shipping, consider visiting a jewelry buyer in your area with your unwanted gold or silver, especially while prices are still somewhat high.  Ask for referrals from friends who have sold jewelry so that you’ll know with certainty that you’re getting a fair price.  If you have other things to sell, try a garage sale or a local sales site like Craig’s List that will enable you to drop off the items or request pickup so that you can avoid shipping hassles.

While it would be fabulous if money would just show up at your door, this type of thinking is neither realistic nor productive.  Instead, making an effort to supplement your income can truly help improve your overall financial situation while providing secondary benefits such as helping you discover new talents and markets or uncluttering your home.  Instead of worrying about your finances, do something about it – and try out at least one of these strategies today.


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